An Invitation to to Parents who were Never Married to Each Other

As parents, you are not new to the world of mediation since you are experienced in mediating with your children and between your children. You may not, however, have considered mediation with a trained neutral mediator to resolve parenting issues with your coparent.

The same issues that divorcing parents face about their children also have to be resolved by you. These issues may include education, religion, parenting time or what rules about homework, bedtimes, screen time and even dating and curfews should apply when your child is with you or with their other parent. You may also need to resolve issues of custody, child support and contributions to private schools, post-secondary education and beyond.

If one of your children has special needs, there are additional issues to address including medical, guardianship and financial.

Let me help you find a solution that benefits you, your co-parent and your children with less conflict and tension than going to court.


Today is World Suicide Prevention Day. Below is a message from the Bergen County Division of Mental Health. Please sign up to see the free screening of Scattering CJ. We should all educate ourselves on suicide prevention so we can assist our loved ones when necessary.

Divorce is a particularly stressful time in the life of a family. Hopefully this film and discussion with keep your family safe during this stressful period.


We strongly encourage everyone to take advantage of our open screening of Scattering CJ, scheduled for September 10th – 15th  concluding in a community discussion on September 15th from 7-8:30 pm. ” Register to stream this movie at HCONTINO@CO.BERGEN.NJ.US.

“This documentary not only gives the viewer insight into the loss of a loved one, but how that loss connected people all over the world and initiated conversations among families and communities around suicide prevention, depression and general mental health.

If the pain and the struggle stay silently in the shadows losses will continue to occur that could have been prevented.  Even 6 feet apart we can still illustrate the outstretched arms that exist. 

Be Well!

The Bergen County Division of Mental Health

**** Due to the strong emotional nature of the content we do not recommend anyone under the age of 18 view the film without an adult present.****

Mediation of Parenting Time: Halloween

Halloween is only a week away. It is a great time for children and parents to bond. You and your children can spend time planning and/or making the holiday costumes. Together you can plot out the “best” route for “Trick or Treating”. In advance of knocking on doors you can discuss whether instead of, or in addition to, getting candy, the children will ask for donations to their favorite charity. This can lead to discussions about charity and making it an integral part of your child’s life.

Don’t let this special time with your children be disrupted by fights over who will accompany the children when they go trick or treating. If you can’t work it out, reach out to a mediator who can assist you to resolve this issue to the satisfaction of both of you and give you and your children a wonderful holiday experience.

Don’t hesitate to contact me if I can help you.